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Laser Surgery

Sylvan Lake Animal Clinic of Noble County and LaGrange County, IN provides1773143_Laser_Surgery___Rome_City__IN___Sylvan_Lake_Animal_Clinic___Image_3.jpg effective laser surgery treatments for small animals. Laser surgery is a beneficial treatment option because it causes less pain, swelling, bleeding, as well as less collateral damage to your pet. All of this means a quicker and easier recovery for your pet post-surgery.

Dr. Vandiver is a member of the Veterinary Surgery Laser Society and has completed Advanced Laser Surgical Training at U.C. Davis.

Our Laser Surgery Services Include:
  •     De-clawing for kittens and cats
  •     Spays and neuters
  •     Outpatient growth removals
  •     In-patient growth removal
  •     Breathing problems
  •     Eyelid surgeries
  •     Periodontal disease

If you have any questions about our laser surgery services, please do not hesitate to contact us the office for more information.

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